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This blog is written by Anders B. Skjønaa, founder of and architect behind  “The SharePoint Governance Framework” – a full platform governance framework for SharePoint products and technologies.

Anders has been working as technical and business advisor with close to 20 years of experience in software implementation and solution design across verticals. He spent 7 years at Microsoft, working all the time with SharePoint Products and Technologies.

Today Anders’s primary role is to architect and advise enterprise clients about strategy and implementation of Microsoft SharePoint products & technologies, with a special focus on operational governance and adoption. Outside of writting articles and blogposts, Anders is active as a international speaker in the SharePoint Community, and always deliver an honest and interesting talk. Recent topics are;

  • SharePoint Governance – Practical approaches: Models, Tools, Organization and Roles
  • SharePoint Governance Frameworks: “SharePoint Governance Framework” and/or “CoBit 4.1 for SharePoint”
  • How to drive a succesful SharePoint Adoption Program
  • Best practices: Site Lifecycle Management and Governance
  • Best Practices: Managing Metadata and Content Types
  • Designing a SharePoint Service for BUSINESS

If you are interested in using Anders as a speaker, just leave a message for him on Twitter: @Skjoenaa or use the contact form below.

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