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IntraTeam Event 2016 is coming

It may be that you are only thinking as fas as Christmas and maybe new Year these days – at least that takes up a lot of attention in my family these days. But let me mention one of the events that you dont want to miss in 2016 – the IntraTeam Conference 2016.

The IntraTeam organization is driving professional networking groups for different topics, mostly aimed at communication and intranet professionals at medium to large organizations. This conference is the yearly meet-up for the members of all of these groups and from my experience there is always a great atmosphere and real interest in sharing experiences and discussing topics of all sorts. So mark your calendar and take a minute to listen to Kurt Sørensen from IntraTeam.

What is IntraTeam Event Copenhagen March 1-3, 2016? #IEC16 from Kurt Kragh Sørensen on Vimeo.