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September 25, 2014

Set #Delve as your startpage

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

If you are on #Office365 you may have gotten #Delve by now. If not, you may not on one of the Office 365 license plans that include this new tool. You can read more about what plans include Delve in this article.

Since Delve will intelligently find (all – or at least most) information that is relevant to you as an individual on Office 365, it seems like a good idea to get Delve as you startpage. In Office 365 users – by default – end up on the Sites page, from where they can navigate to where they want to go – which I think is the second best option. But you can change that for yourself – and get the new col #Delve experience everytime you Open Office365.

Here’s how!

1. Go to “Office 365 Settings”. Top right corner – every users has them!


2. Now go to the “Start page” tab


3. You can now select Delve in the dropdown – and remember to click “Save”

That’s it! Next time you log onto you get Delve directly. Simple! Only thing you need to consider is, that from Delve there is no immediate navigation to any of the other apps in Office 365, so three’s no easy switching to Outlook. sites or anything else really. But one can always hope that will be fixed…


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