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Video experience in Office 365 / SharePoint Online – still in the pipeline

A number of companies I have talked to recently are investigating video as a way to communicate more efficiently internally. The scenarios where video makes sense are many. It’s everything from management and strategy communication to employee guides in usage/training related to it systems and more of that sort. But also – with the widespread availability of video cams (primarily in smartphones) companies are looking for ways to enable employees in many different roles to communicate and share knowledge and experiences using video.

There are a number of solutions available for supporting these scenarios. The only trouble is that they have a tendency to become somewhat complex and expensive. Most vendors of these solutions are setting the price of the solution based on the amount of video in the portal. This has to do with the need for storage as well as streaming and conversion services. But the customers are struggling to come up with solid estimations on what their needs.

Based on these experiences it was a pleasant surprise to see Microsoft present a new Video experience to come out as a part of Office 365. I saw this in the keynote at this years SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas for the first time. This was early march, but until now it has still not been released.

But it looks like Microsoft is still working to deliver this video solution to office 365. It is “in development” in the official Office 365 product roadmap, and the messaging about the new Office 365 video experience was repeated in TechEd a few months back.

To give you an intro to what this is all about, here is a video of the TechEd presentation. It’s also available on Channel9, but the comment section here is closed, so I moved it here so you can comment on this cool feature again. It’s not released yet, so I personally think comments from the community is still relevant 😉

Added sept14: Microsoft still do not have a definite timeline on the release of the new Office 365 Video portal. This question has been asked several times, but unfortunately there is specific information available at this time. See



Where is sharePoint Online / Office 365?

Is evident that Office 365 has been a huge success for Microsoft already. No matter where I look inside the community that I spend most of my time with, it’s there. And for a good reason – it’s a brilliant solution.

But, I have made it a habit of mine to investigate much broader than inside the typical Microsoft and partners circles, and the picture I see there, is quite different.

This week I read an article called “100 great subscriptions that will streamline your business“. The title sells the message pretty good, isn’t it? This article has a long list of difference cloud offerings / subscriptions in many different categories. Including some categories where Office 365 – or at least SharePoint Online – is quite a significant player. like Collaboration. But – and this came as a surprise to me – Office 365 is not on the list, but both Google Apps, Doodle and Box is there. Why?