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February 19, 2014

SkyDrive becomes OneDrive

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

“Today we are pleased to announce that SkyDrive will soon become OneDrive.”

We have just gotten used to the “SkyDrive” and “SkyDrive Pro” brand(s) – but now they are getting rebranded. Microsoft have announced “OneDrive” as the new brand for SkyDrive. In a new blogpost ( Microsoft talks about having ONE drive for everything, which kind of makes sense. But if you have followed the press in the last few months, it’s more likely that the name change has something to do with the fact that Microsoft got sued for using the “Skydrive” name, by a company that apparently are using the same name for satellite TV equipment.

OneDrive 2014

If you are using SkyDrive today, this transition is going to be transparent to you, Microsoft promises. If you log on to to days, you are logged into your recent Skydrive content, so no problem there. Some of the Microsoft websites are still using the SkyDrive name, but that will probably change soon. If you are using the desktop or mobile app, you may notice that nothing has happened there yet, but I would expect the name to be updates through an app update in the near future.

But what about SkyDrive Pro? It looks like SkyDrive Pro is renamed to “OneDrive for Business”. Microsoft currently only talks about the Office 365 delivered SkyDrive Pro (the one where each user gets amazing 25 gigs of storage space!!! try to beat that on premise!) in the OneDrive announcement, so it’s a bit unclear what is the future name for the on-premise version of personal file storage in SharePoint 2013.

The new word is OneDrive! Get used to it!

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