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December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

Happy New Year from SharePointPeople

The last day of the year! It’s time to say goodbye to 2013 and celebrate with friends and family! Here is a short round-up for 2013 and a few words on what to expect from 2014.

2013 have been another busy year for us at SharePointPeople. We have been involved more than ever with implementing professional governance practices around SharePoint. It seems like more people are now realizing the importance of governance and are making the required investments into securing information, focus resources and efforts, and making SharePoint a compliant platform for information management and collaboration.

We have – in 2013 – invested in new strategy services, helping clients understand the potential impact of SharePoint to the business, and translating that into something that can be implemented, measured and controlled. We have had the chance to work with this important area with several clients throughout 2013, and we will continue invest in this in 2014. In the pipeline are new updates for the governance framework, implementing a methodology and tools for building your SharePoint strategy, and further down the road, we plan to make more announcements in that area.

The SharePoint Governance Framework have been updated with new tools. Especially around what we call the “Managed Systems Catalogue”, we think that we have made some significant enhancements. A few companies are in the process of implementing these changes already, and we hope that many other will embrace this new methodology in the new year.

Also, we have sharpened our implementation process for SharePoint Governance projects, making what used to be a blurred process into a sharp scope and step-by-step guide to implementing governance for SharePoint. The benefit of this is clear; get a working practice for governance quickly and develop from there. This will save time and resources, and – based on the principles of the SharePoint Governance Framework methodology – help organizations keep the governance practice alive, throughout the lifetime of the platform.


We wish all our clients, partners, friends and family a Happy New Year! We think that 2014 will be even more exiting, and we are looking forward to share all our thoughts and experiences with you soon.

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