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November 13, 2013


Help #Haiyan victims and SharePointPeople will help you!

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

After what turned out to be the most violent hurricane ever recorded, the population of the Philippines need of all the help they can get! Thousands of lives have been lost and the risk of losing more, because of lack of clean water, medicine and food, is high.

Even though this seems so far away from us – here in safe Scandinavia – we are not so far away that we can not make a difference; not so far away that we do not have an obligation to help.

Therefore we are today happy and proud to announce, that we have joined the #ShareLove, #SharePoint initiative, started by Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux).

From today – and for the rest of 2013 – you can hire me (@skjoenaa) – or any of the other SharePoint MVP’s and Industry Experts in the #ShareLove program, for a fixed price of $199/hour – up to two hours. The full amount is donated to the victims of Haiyan!

Please help us help the people of the Philippines. Send a request to:

And be a part of making a difference. You can also help by sharing this message to let more people know about this fantastic opportunity to help the victims of Haiyan.

Read more about the #ShareLove initiative here:

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