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Migrating to SharePoint 2013 is the right time to reinvigorate SharePoint Governance

Most companies running Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010, are considering migration to the latest version; Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This is an obvious consideration, since the new version of SharePoint – either online or on premise – are offering new capabilities that may be hard to neglect.

So what is it that you need to consider then? Migration is not just migration. In a recent recommendation from Gartner it is stated that companies should evaluate at least five different approaches to migrating to SharePoint 2013, which in itself requires intensive pre-analysis. Why is that necessary? Because SharePoint has become the central hub for collaboration in most of these companies, and interruptions (which are likely to occur if migration is not planned with the required attention to detail) may have a significant impact on the business.

But, that’s not all! A migration project opens a window of opportunity for reinvigorating SharePoint governance. Gartner is pointing out the fact, that migration is not just a matter of moving content from one site to another, but most often include mapping functionality in different SharePoint versions and transforming content and data from one Information Architecture to another. In other words! Migration – almost – every time has a notion of “clean-up” to it – which is healthy and in some cases very necessary. That goes for the content as well as the rules and methods by which you manage content and technology.

With SharePoint 2013 a series of new systems and services are introduced. All of these need handling. Planning migration without reserving time and resources for governance work will put you in an un-managed spot.

Look for the “Sharing Best Practices for SharePoint 2013 migration” at


Help #Haiyan victims and SharePointPeople will help you!

After what turned out to be the most violent hurricane ever recorded, the population of the Philippines need of all the help they can get! Thousands of lives have been lost and the risk of losing more, because of lack of clean water, medicine and food, is high.

Even though this seems so far away from us – here in safe Scandinavia – we are not so far away that we can not make a difference; not so far away that we do not have an obligation to help.

Therefore we are today happy and proud to announce, that we have joined the #ShareLove, #SharePoint initiative, started by Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux).

From today – and for the rest of 2013 – you can hire me (@skjoenaa) – or any of the other SharePoint MVP’s and Industry Experts in the #ShareLove program, for a fixed price of $199/hour – up to two hours. The full amount is donated to the victims of Haiyan!

Please help us help the people of the Philippines. Send a request to:

And be a part of making a difference. You can also help by sharing this message to let more people know about this fantastic opportunity to help the victims of Haiyan.

Read more about the #ShareLove initiative here:


ANNOUNCEMENT: SharePoint Governance Framework Community

We are thrilled to announce that today, we have launched a brand new community; The SharePoint Governance Framework community.

Click to visit the SharePoint Governance Framework Community

Click to visit the SharePoint Governance Framework Community

As a part of the Microsoft Technical Communities, this new community is a global “sharing and caring” platform for everyone that cares about SharePoint Governance. From our endeavors in the SharePoint world for more than a decade, we know that SharePoint Governance continue to be a pain point for most companies. But the ways to solve the issues are as many as there are SharePoint installations.

We think – well, we know – that the people that carry the responsibility for delivering quality SharePoint services, information managers and CIO’s are desperately searching for experiences and best practices for SharePoint Governance. And with a large number of people talking about the need, we think that it is time to start talking about the solution – or solutions.

At SharePointPeople, we have worked on “SharePoint Governance Framework” for more than 6 years now. This framework is becoming the most complete set of procedures and practices for governing SharePoint that we know of. From the work we have done with companies all over Europe, we have learned that many of the tools and processes you need, are the identical. So why not share the vast experience base that people have, and try to consolidate all that into a common taxonomy and understanding of what SharePoint Governance mean, and how to apply it in the best possible way.

This is what the new SharePoint Governance Framework Community is all about. Everyone can join and we hope that a lot of people will. There are no strings attached, but naturally we hope that community members are ready to share experiences, pain points and successes. We will be sharing everything we have learned over the years, and will publish updates to the framework in the community, moving forward.

We have a strong belief in using “social” to drive quality and knowledge of SharePoint governance to a higher level. That’s why we are investing in building and driving this community; with resources to help grow the community as well as answering questions and providing feedback. Nobody knows how this will evolve, but for now we hope that you would like to join us in the community and help spark the conversations.

Visit the community now



Setting up SharePoint in Windows Azure?

Just found this great post, that lays all the details out for you. Great post if you are testing out SharePoint in Azure…


You got SharePoint Online / Office 365? – Then you have Yammer!

Yesterday Microsoft announced, that Yammer will now be included in ALL Office 365 plans. So no matter how big or small you are, if you have Office 365, you will get Yammer.

Read the announcement here:

Now, this is good news for most companies, especially those who is looking into Office 365 or already is there, and are still wondering what to do about Social. Yammer is pretty neat and easy to use, so this can be a way to get the technology side of a social implementation covered. And that is probably what Microsoft thought.

But, at the same time, Yammer suddenly being available for companies that didn’t have it before, may be challenging if you have already made a bet on standard SharePoint social platform or even something completely different. You shouldn’t have more than one social platform, obviously – so are you able to control this?