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September 3, 2013

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

“Nokia has a highly evolved device design and manufacturing process which will benefit Microsoft greatly,” said Al Hilwa, an analyst at research firm IDC. “This is simply the fastest path in front of Microsoft to achieve something like Apple’s vision on devices.”

In comparison between Apple and Microsoft, I really think that Microsoft has the most compelling OS and the alignment with PC / Tablet OS (Windows 8+ Pro) is a sure differentiator, that Apple nor Google have been able to do. So could this be the “reboot” of Microsoft that will make the company perform again? It will require at least the same ability to think out of the box as Apple have been practicing until recently, and it will require the Microsoft is able to make their device products “loved” by consumers – which they have had a really hard time doing. Can they find that “Jonathan Ive” to build something spectacular now that they have all the “tools” and can they tell a story that user across the world loves to relate themselves to?

And what will happen to the old business – the business that deliver SharePoint? We saw the SharePoint Master Certification Program was cancelled last week, which could indicate that Microsoft is moving faster towards a service company only, than most people expected. The Nokia acquisition is further supporting that observation.

What will happen? The next year or two it will be extremely interesting to watch Microsoft…



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