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74% of SharePoint shops do NOT have a well defined governance plan!

According to a new survey conducted by software vendor Axceler, most companies don’t have a governance plan, but they really want to.

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New SharePoint Governance Survey from Axceler

Via Joel Olssons blog, Axceler today published news of a survey done with SharePoint customers, on SharePoint Governance.

The survey concludes, that only 26% of SharePoint shops have a well defined governance plan. And that 67,2% of companies in the survey, think that governance is extremely important or very important. This obviously show that most companies have not been able to engage in themselves in SharePoint Governance, even of they wanted to. But is ALSO show, that more than 30% DO NOT THINK THAT GOVERNANCE IS VERY IMPORTANT! Who are these Companies and what are they using SharePoint for?

I am sad to say, that I am not entirely surprised with these findings. I talk to companies every week that want a SharePoint Governance practice, but have not been able to establish one by themselves, even after using SharePoint for many years. This is almost the “modus operandi” for SharePoint shops.

SharePointGovernanceInfographicYou should thank Axceler for publishing this survey. Naturally, these guys make a living from selling software for management of SharePoint, so they have an interest in this story. But the focus they are attracting to this ongoing issue is important! 

As SharePoint professionals, we need to understand that significant investments must be put into designing SharePoint Services for governance. This includes architecture, infrastructure, operations, management and strategy. Gartner Group have stated earlier, that enterprises using SharePoint have to multiple current information management spendings by a factor of 5, to comply with compliancy requirements before 2016. Information Management is all about Governance.

Once again, a market survey concludes, that Governance continue to be the biggest challenge for enterprises using SharePoint (and they all do…).

So let’s do something about it!

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