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December 5, 2012

SharePoint Governance Framework 4.0 mini-workshop tomorrow…

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

Tomorrow I will do a “mini-workshop” on SharePoint Governance with attendees from a list of the largest private sector companies in Denmark and my friends over at IntraTeam. This workshop will be the first time we talk about the new version of the Governance Framework – version 4 – which includes some new stuff and quite a bit of changes. I am looking forward to talking about this and to get some feedback of the work that was started more than one year ago.

Some of the new things we are covering will be; a brand new model for escalation in the governance practice, new tools for building governance policies and controls and some looks into some of the most common issues in deployment and application on-boarding processes. And finally, we will discuss how SharePoint really often is a bit of a misfit into standard it service delivery models, and how you can go about that in your SharePoint governance practice.

Slides will be available here after the event for everyone to use and share. Also I have been asked to blog about the different parts of the SharePoint Governance Framework, so if SharePoint Governance is of interest to you, follow this blog and you will get notified when more detailed guidance is available.

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