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October 26, 2012

Microsoft Office 2015?

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

Being a good citizen in terms of managing my websites, I was going through the stats and logs on my server the other day. Doing so is always wonderful information that really should tell me to consider starting to write articles differently. Every time I look through the most popular search terms used to get to the my blog site, the top 10 is almost similar terms, including SharePoint, governance and others along those lines. But generally not very much variation there…

This is good… because that would generally suggest that the people finding my blog may find the articles here relevant to what they was searching for information…

…and this is bad… because, there must be lots of people searching for other terms – but may also be looking for information on SharePoint strategy, governance and architecture, who will never find my site.

I was never the big SEO type of guy, but it striked me that maybe I should do something about that. And then – when I looked into the most used search query term that led people to my blog this week… it was “Microsoft Office 2015“… – and just a few places down on the list; “Download Microsoft Office 2015A bit surprising to me, as obviously there is no Office 2015 out there – so I have not written anything about that…. I thought…

I turns out, that I have made a bad mistake when writing a short post on the general availability of the SharePoint 2013 Preview, back in July. Where the article title should have said “2013” it said “2015”. My apologies to everyone about this – you probably even didn’t notice. I didn’t.

So – what did we learn from this? If you want more hits on your website, just lie your socks off 😉 I can’t promise that this is a strategy that I will pursue in the future, though… But I will leave the typo in there, for the fun of it…

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