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Visit Jespers’s blog on Office 365

Jesper Osgaard is a Sr. Partner Technical Advisor (that’s probably not the exact title – but close enough) for Office 365 in Microsoft. He is also a good friend and former colleague – so it surprised me that he actually has a pretty succesful blog going, and I totally missed it until we sat down in the garden last weekend.

So here’s a link to the TechNet blog, where Jesper is sharing answers to questions he get from his customers and Microsoft partners – in regards to Office 365. There are some good details in some of the posts that people who work on the architectural level will need. So, with all my recommendations;

One thing I got from one of the post on this blog, was detailed insight into the functionalities of SharePoint Online across different subscriptions. And the unfortunate confirmation on the fact, that I can not get SharePoint Online sites to an on-premises, SharePoint 2013 based, Enterprise Search solution. This is painful, and even though it’s a tough one to fix, it should be fixed. I’ll explain why I think that this is one of the most important things we need in Office 365 – in a later post.