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December 12, 2011

Using Metadata & Contenttypes in SharePoint 2010

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

I made a presentation with the JBoye SharePoint 2010 community this week. The topic was Metadata and Content Types in SharePoint 2010. We talked about the vast set of functionality that depends on these things and the potential value of giving metadata management som focus.

The core of the talk went into some best practices for managing content types across midsized and large organizations.

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It is my experience that organizations are often not giving the area of metadata and content types the focus it deserves. Therefore quite a bit of information is still identified (using Content Types) as “items” and these documents have a tendency to disappear in the vast amount of data most companies put into SharePoint. Content Types are the capability to “type-cast” every single content artifact, to add a structure to the entire information corpus.

When implementing SharePoint, we need to get this topic into the IA work, early in the planning phase. The way we use content types may have an impact on the way we need to design the SharePoint infrastructure; using thing like Content Type Hubs, inheritance etc.

When hiring an Information Architect for planning your Intranet IA, you need to make sure that this person also have sufficient knowledge of how SharePoint works, and the capabilities it has. There are not a lot of resources available the really master both of these trades, so a fallback plan can be to build an IA team, where both competences are equally available.

Download the presentation here: Using Metada and Content Types in SharePoint



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