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October 14, 2011

SharePoint Conference 2011 – done! Next? European SharePoint Conference!

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

So finally made it back from beautiful Orange County – where the 2011 SharePoint Conference took place last week.

238 danes…!

Again Microsoft managed to sell out! Amazing how many people are into SharePoint! About 7000 people participated in what seems to be the most important SharePoint event ,and atru global event it is! As expected most delegates came from US and Canada, but – as I have talked about earlier – the number of danish delegates was through the roof. 238 people took the trip from Denmark, to learn about SharePoint, and this made Denmark number 3 on the list of contries with the most people represented. For danish SharePoint professionals, this is the event where we meet old collegues and freinds – when we are back in Denmark we just dont have the time to do that :-).

So let me take the chance to thank all the good people I talked to this year. I will look forward to seeing you all again next year in Vegas.

The conference – what was it like?

A few months ago a danish Microsoft representative mentioned in a blog, that we could expect to get some information on SharePoint Vnext in the conference. But already in the Keynote it was made very clear, that no information about the next version of SharePoint would be available in the conference. A bit disappointing – but a very understandable strategy as vNext most probably is 18-24 months away. An announcement of the next SharePoint Conference was made instead. It will be in November 2012 in Las Vegas. So early? – you might think – and you are right! TYpically the SharePoint Conference comes every 18 months or so. The last conference was held just before the Beta 2 release of SharePoint 2010, so it could very well be that we will have a vNext marketing beta announcement in about a year from now. Let’s wait and see…

So the session this year were – most of them – based on the experiences people have had over the time with 2010 in the market. As a SharePoint consultant or developer, this meant that many session did’nt have the technical depth to bring something really new to the plate. But a few of them really did! Especially a session on automating fileplan development for Records Management was really cool, and the sessions about Multi Tenancy were attracting a big group of techies too.

Another thing that I noticed, was the interest for adoption and governance topics. Most of these sessions were filled to the last seat, telling us that people are still strugling to work out how to deal with these important topics. Governance have been a bit of a “buzz” over the last 3 years or so, but this conference proved that it has now reached the level of focus that it needs to have, and we can therefore concentrate of developing better practices and tools looking forward.

All in all – another good conference in a great venue. Only thing that was really missing was bottled water in the breaks.

European SharePoint Conference 2011

Next week the European SharePoint Conference is taking place in Berlin, Germany. I will be there talking about how SharePoint Governance has evolved and present af practical approach to running it in your organization. I will also be in the Ask the Experts session, discussing these topics with conference delegates and peers. I hope to see you there… 🙂

I will be blogging on the official conference blog (links will follow) and in this blog. So if you are not able to make it, I will try to keep you updated… And finally you can follow #eSPC11 (general) or #eSPC11DK (danish) on Twitter.

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