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October 13, 2011


10 minutes into IOS5…

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

If you hav’nt already seen it – today was the day that Apple released the new version of their phone and iPad operating system, called IOS5.

If you are the owner of either an iPhone or an iPad, you can go to iTunes to update right now. To complete the update you need to update a few other peices of software too. First iTunes needs to update to version 10.5, and a bit after that you may be asked to update the full OS on your Mac (if you are using a Mac with you phone, naturally).

The reason for these update are most likely that the IOS5 have launched together with the new Apple service called “iCloud”. This is a “cloud” storage services that will connect to all your Apple devices and automatically syncronize data on them; photos, contacts, music and apps etc.

The update will erase your iPhone to it’s bare bones, but you have the opportunity to restore it back to it’s old state (with data, that is) using either your Mac computer (connected using a cable) or the iCloud service, which should be possible to do using a WIFI in your house, if present. I tried the iCloud choice, but it failed, so there may still be a few bugs in thet piece of software. When retrying, I chosse to use my computer, and it worked out fine.

So now I am on IOS 5! From other posts about OIS5, you may already know that IOS5 comes with close to 200 new features. Most of them are minor things that are designed to make everyday use easier. But as you may have grown into using your phone in the way it always worked, you never really know if the opposite will be the case. At least for a while…

But right now – only a few minutes into my life running IOS5, I have seen a few things that light up, in a very good way…

1. Week view in the Calendar

At first I could not find this thing. But no worries – it is there. If you open your calendar either in day or month view, you just need to turn your phone to landscape view, and the calendar will shift into an nice week view. Before IOS5 there was “an app for that…”

2. Wireless updates

So from today it will not be nessasary to connect to the computer using one of those proprietary iPhone cables anymore. This is a BIG thing for someone like me, who hates having cables laying around my computer. And naturally, this feature enables you to do updates no matter where you are. I did not try all of this yet, but my expectations are pretty bold. And with the promises of iCloud, I am pretty sure to that Apple will exceed them. I will return to that on a later date…

3. My BIG surprise – Music metada displayed in my car

This feature was a big surprise to me. Primaryly because I throught that I had read about all the new functionality before making the update. But I never read about this. Secondly – being a music maniac with about close to 200 kilometer in average per day (in the car), I have been pretty annoyed about not being able to see artist and track information on the screen in my car, even when the iPhone connected so nicely to play iPod music over Bluetooth. (Works just like AirPlay).

But when jumping into the car after updating to iOS5, the music started by it self and the car displayed artist, album and track title. Great stuff! I honestly thought that this was a problem with the car, but no… Apple just needed to update their software.

I am sure that I will find many other nice features in IOS5, and I may update this post to let you all know about the ones I find especially interesting. One of the next tests I will do, is to browse SharePoint with the thing, and I will definety look into the promise of built-in integration to some of the biggest social networks, too… If you have other great features you think I should know about, just post back to me 🙂

Happy updating 🙂

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  1. Yoda
    Oct 14 2011

    Ahh…landscape for week view. I thought they skipped that feature at first. It’s becoming clear though that as the device moves on with capabilities…that its becoming less and less intuitive.


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