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April 17, 2011


Danes dominating 2011 SharePoint Conference….?

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

There is no doubt, that SharePoint has a high penetration in the danish marketplace. The platform seems to fit the competence and “mood” of the danish people very well. It would be interesting to really understand why it is so.

Just a few days ago, Jon Hauge – SharePoint Product Manager in Denmark – posted new materials that confirms the commercial success of SharePoint in Denmark, related to the rest of the world. In the statistics of people that have signed up as delegates for the October SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, California, Denmark has the third largest number of delegates.

With #1 being the US and #2 being Canada, Denmark has – by far – the highest number of delegates (to date) outside North America. This is pretty amazing, thinking of the size of the marketplace!

A few years back, MS CEO Steve Ballmer said “My ambition is to make the whole world danish” at the Microsoft partner conference in Toronto. At the time he was referring to the Dynamics suite of products, but it looks like these words would fit quite well for SharePoint as well these days…

So why is it so? Well, it may have something to do with the work culture in the Nordics/Scandinavia. Denmark has been feeling the impact from the globalization over the last 20 years. This has emphasized the need to establish a culture of “knowledge performers” across industries in Denmark. SharePoint – as an “easy to implement” platform for collaboration and content management – is supporting this very well.

I think that Sweden – being #4 on the list – supports this theory.  

Obviously there are many factors that come into play, and the number of delegates for a conference is not a solid proofpoint of anything. But the numbers (again – to date) are pretty clear – the danes seems to be more interested in developing their SharePoint skills than others.

You can find the stats here:


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