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SharePoint at Work conference tomorrow

For SharePoint professionals in and around Copenhagen tomorrow, there is a very interesting event on. The one day conference is called “SharePoint at work” and it’s running in parallel with “Intranets at work” so there will be a chance to talk to people using pretty much everything for their intranet. The conference is put on by

The presentations are all cases from enterprises in Denmark, Finland and Føroya. You can get all the details here:

Roundtable discussion: Technical challenges with extending SharePoint

I will be hosting a SharePoint roundtable @1:30pm, where we will be discussing issues and challenges when extending SharePoint. This is highly relevant in intranet scenarios, where SharePoint – in spite of many good intentions – not very often meet the requirements with out of the box features. I have something prepared, but if you have something you want to throw into the subject-list just before deadline, leave a comment here.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.


Adopting collaboration and knowledge sharing with SharePoint – presentation for University of Copenhagen

This week I gave a presentation at the University of Copenhagen, about how to nurse adoption of collaborative and knowledge sharing behavior among SharePoint users across the faculties. Thanks to and the university for inviting me.

The meeting counted about 40 representatives from – probably – all faculties, which was very rewarding in terms of understanding how a large and fragmented organization like the University of Copenhagen worked with these areas. My presentation was a general introduction to methodologies that have proven to be working in other organizations. But during the discussions it was clear that – in an organization of internal administrative personnel, researchers, students and external partners (especially for research), spread across different organizations – there is a unique scenario.

I often participate in meetings like this, to learn about the scenarios different organizations are facing with SharePoint. In many cases the issues are the same or similar, and I may have a few ideas or experiences to share, and in other cases I meet more complex organizational challenges where the best approach may be to slice things up a bit or even go “water-fall”.

The University of Copenhagen case is really interesting and I hope to get the chance to learn much more about efforts and results.I have read some of the studies and research that have been done – and it is actually quite a bit – about the topic of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the university world. There is a definite need to understand the conclusions from all of this work and to make it relevant for the day to day operation. Work to be done…

For now – here is the slide deck I used. I know some of the participants have requested it.

Collaboration – High level Adoption Strategies

If you have any feedback to my presentation and talk, please leave it here as a comment. This type of feedback is obviously important to move forward.

I wish you a great weekend!