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February 10, 2011

Your next Nokia phone will run Windows!

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

From this Techcrunch, Europe article it looks like we can look forward to some big news in the mobile industry tomorrow. From the article;

“The move to support Windows Phone 7, a burgeoning although financially well backed mobile OS, would also be a major sea change. One well-placed source says to expect this to indeed happen, though perhaps not till 2012, as Nokia tries again to find greater success in North America. Another source close to the company says that in the longer term Windows Phone will in fact become the company’s primary platform. I’d find that staggering.” 

This could be a major chance for a “comeback” for both Nokia and Microsoft in the mobility game. Not only could this boost the smartphones from Nokia, as the Windows Mobile 7  OS looks like it could be more comptetitive than Nokia’s current smartphone OS. After HP have launched their new tablets with the “Palm” OS, and have announced that they may be installing this on PC’s sometime in the future, Microsoft is probably looking to extend their list of partners to fireoff an attack on the tablet market, before it reaches the point where tablets it outsells PC’s. Nokia is a big win in that scenario…

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