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Connecting HTC Legend to Microsoft Online

Microsoft Online – and especially the BPOS offering from Microsoft – where companies get some of the most popular serverbased apps (SharePoint, Exchange, Communication Server and Live Meeting – all in  Online versions) hosted in the cloud – is really a great thing for many ofthe companies I work with.

A LOT of money is to be saved, and since most companies really use Exchange pretty much out of the box, theres is a lot of good reasons to use cloud services for this.

But this post is about one little thing I struggled with today – and that was to connect a new HTC Legend – running Android 2.x – to Microsoft Online. I was pretty sure that it could be done – and a little older phones using the same OS is also documented as supported on the MS online website.

But to make it connect I had to try for a couple times and ended up searching the internet for similar experiences… And I wasn’t the only one have trouble with this.

But after reading through a number of posts, I finally found out exactly what values to use, when configuring the device. I did’nt find a single post that had everyting, so here it is:

EMAIL ADDRESS: Enter your email address on Exchange Online

SERVER ADDRESS: For european users like me, enter:

Note that you will find different URL’s in the Microsoft online documentation, but you must have a “red001” or “red002” in the beginning and “emea” if you are in Europe, “apac” for Asia Pacific, but leave it out if your are in North America.

This is documented here: (IMPORTANT! Scroll down to the mobile device URL’s – the OWA url’s will not work.) 

Also (and this is where I failed) you should NOT enter “https://” even if the Microsoft Online documentation says so.

DOMAIN: You need to leave this BLANK! If you enter anything here you will get authentication errors.

USERNAME: This is again your Exchange Online mail-address

PASSWORD: This is… tada… your password! 🙂

SSL: Yes – check it! And just check again that you did NOT write “https://” in the servername field.

That’s it – Your device will now connect and work fine with Exchange Online. I hope this prevents more “time lost” because of a pretty poor documentation available. 😉


Woman or Man?

Just before weekend, I thought you should see this one…

Well – it’s a screenshot from a danish survey I took, today. A quite serious one, actually – even though this question made me think of candid camera… The question is;

“What is you gender?”

Then you get a choice between “Male” and “Female” and – just to be safe – a guiding text saying:

“Please select only one” ????

🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!