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Importance of the Governance Board

I just wanted to share this article by Craigh Roth from Burton, on federating governance responsibilities. I think that Craigh has some important points that you can use for inspiration when establishing your SharePoint governance organisation.

The way we build the governance organisation (roles and responsibilities) using “The SharePoint Governance Framework” is a federated approach. But to be able to manage this according to changing business challenges and opportunities, we are working with a central board, that uses tools (we naturally primarily use Governance Center for SharePoint, as this is the toll we built 🙂 ) to overlook how people perform / comply in a federated governance model.

You can read Craigh Roth’s post here:


Detailed explaination on SharePoint 2010 Backup

Russ Maxwell from MSFT has made a very good article on SharePoint 2010 backup and restore. It goes through the functionality of the built-in backup tool, including Powershell and doing granular backups.

Check it out yourself at:


What is the biggest challenge when implementing SharePoint?

Last year we made a poll on what challenges people had, implementing SharePoint in organizations. This year we are doing it again! We think it is important to always have recent numbers on this topic and we need to acknowledge that challenges may have changed with the SharePoint 2010 release – and hype – as well as the competence growing over time.

Insight into this matter will enable organizations to plan SharePoint implementations and management better, and enable vendors – including Microsoft – to design services and solutions that help realize promises of ROI in SharePoint investments.

We are looking for as many answers as possible to this simple question:

What is the biggest challenge you see when implementing SharePoint in your organization?

The poll is available on LinkedIn and its a simple multiple choice poll. You can answer in a single click, so participation is quick and wont keep you away from lunch.

The results will be availab le on LinkedIn as long as the poll is open. Furthermore we are planning to consolidate this information into a report, that will come out on (I will announce it in the blog too) with detailed analysis of the results and some recommendations and experiences to overcome the challenges identified.

I hope that you will help us get a solid foundation for this work. Go to the poll and give us your view on things:

Participate HERE!

Thanks for helping out!

/ Anders