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SharePoint 2010 UI

I ran a technical workshop to an it-team last week. One of the things I heard from the participants was, issues understanding the navigation UI – especially the use of the ribbon. It looked like people had issues working their way around administration of a list and working with content of the list. (This is just one example of a few I’ve noticed). These folks were it people, so I expect to get even more challenges when meeting end-users.

So – the question is… Is ribbon the right way to approach the UI in SharePoint? It seems like the ribbon does make a lot of the capabilities more “available” to users, but this may have backfire – as the app seems more complex to users that are new to SharePoint 2010 (which most of them are – still 🙂 )

I would like to hear from other people on this. What are your experiences with the new SharePoint UI?

Also, I would like to know if anyone has played around with “trimming” the ribbon, or any other way to make the use more simple to low tech users. What options do we have?

One solution is to write a custom masterpage for this type of solution. The functionality of the ribbon interface (not the UI – functionality) is available trough the API, so this is something you could do. This is a good candidate for a codeplex project.