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CMS Watch – now all about SharePoint?

This week CMS Watch’s Tony Byrne announced a new structure in the analyst company. CMS Watch will move forward as “The Real Story Group”. It’s a great name – they want ot give you the real story – which is really not a new big thing… did’nt CMS Watch give you the real story so far? Well – names like this always make you wonder if it’s really the real deal. It’s almost like “We are the leading vendor…” 😉

But the new name is really not what I wanted to talk about. The Real Story Group will focus on  on three “watch’es” in the future:

  1. Enterprise Information Watch – Covering almost everything
  2. CMS Watch – covering what CMS Watch covered until today, I guess
  3. SHAREPOINT WATCH – Covering… SharePoint….

Well – as a SharePoint professional, this is great news! CMS Watch has really taken SharePoint into their portfolio and moving forward this is the only product that qualifies for it’s own “watch”… When I come to think of it – why IS SharePoint the only product that gets it’s own “watch”? CMS Watch hasnt been exactly been “in love” with SharePoint over the years…

MONEY, That’s it! – The Sharepoint adoption globally means BIG business these days! With SharePoint 2007 it took a while for CMS Watch to get interested but with the attention SharePoint 2010 is getting, CMS Watch really want to be in the game from the beginning. Lots of customers there – CMS Watch is – after all – just another business…

No – really… I think that this is great news. SharePoint and the community around SharePoint needs this attention from people like Tony Byrne and CMS Watch, to keep in shape – or “get in shape” someone shouts from the back. Some of the early SharePoint content I have read from these guys was not really “correct” – seen from behing my Windows PC screen  – but over the years I think that CMS Watch is getting it more and more. With this initiative – and the investments I expect to be behind it – SharePoint Watch may turn out to be a very valuable source of information for businesses adopting SharePoint…

Good luck, Tony – I will be watching 🙂


SharePoint Adoption – Free training available

With adoption of SharePoint in mind – as being the perdominant driver of business value – training of end users is a topic that almost always is a part of the initial plan, but later often gets cut because of budget constraints. NOT a good strategy, but budgets are hard to fight..

So – here’s a bunch of FREE training made available for endusers of SharePoint. you can utilize these in your company to strengthen your users when working with SharePoint, and making the valus of your investment grow over time.

Training topics are: