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November 19, 2009

Is SharePoint the new SAP for Information Workers?

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

Yesterday I gave another talk to a danish SharePoint usergroup – arranged by IntraTeam – in Copenhagen.

The audience was mainly communication people with a good experience in using SharePoint and most of these people are responsible for running SharePoint in their companies. Even so, my impression – after a lot of good questions – was that Content Types is still a hard thing to get on top of, for most SharePoint system owners. Content Types is a crusial topic, if the goal of implementing SharePoint is about productivity or managing information in an effective manor. But SharePoint is still today – in most cases – implemented in a way that unleashes only a fraction of the potential!

It is the technology, the users or the concepts that are just not good enough?

Well – I actually think that it is more about the sales pitch that is given… When the sales guys came to you to talk about SharePoint, did they mention the planning work and considerations that you need to do, to get the value promised in the glittering slideshow? Probably not… “It’s all in the box, right?” The reality is quite different. At the meeting yesterday, someone said “It’s almost like implementing SAP….”. This is probably a bit exaggerated, but it kind of paints a picture…

Maybe SharePoint is the new SAP for Information Workers? If you set your expectations with that thought in mind – at least as an inspiration to your business case – you just might end up getting a lot more from your SharePoint investments over time…

The slides from the talk does not go into that level of thought – it’s mostly about best practices for implementing Content Types 🙂 …..AND – slides are in danish – drop a not if you need a tranlation…

Find the slides here:



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