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November 12, 2009

What’s left for the SharePoint critics?

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

All the way through the lifetime of MOSS, a number of dedicated people have spent days and weeks posting their critical views on SharePoint. Even though many have not really been more than a “religious” battle, these people have helped the SharePoint community to get sharper and solve the issues the platform had.

Over the last 3 years companies have chenged the way SharePoint is used. This has introduced a lot of new possibilities but at the same time new challenges – some of which the Microsoft product group have probably never taken into consideration.

But with the vast number of critics, and their ability to get their messages across – mainly trough social media – Microsoft and the partner companies that make a living from selling, building and implementing SharePoint and related technologies, have constantly been producing new add-ons, packaged solutions, service packs – many of which have been made available thorugh the “social media for Microsoft developers”

Having a critical audience can be considered of highest importance, in a world where everyone can post thoughts and experiences for millions of people to digest. But with the comming version 2010 of the SharePoint product from Microsoft, this audience has been silenced – at least for a while.

ComputerWorld wrote what can almost be read as “fanmail” after trying out the beta version of SharePoint 2010. This is not normal business for these guys, but the new product seem to be so compelling that noone has anything critical to say about it.

Actually one of the only – somewhat – critical mentions I have read so far is from Janus Boye that Tweets (actually it is a Re-Tweet) that he thinks that it is funny that Microsoft calls faceted search for “deep refinement”. Yes – this looks like another marketing stunt to make faceted search more sexy – but really it has nothing to do with the technology…

So what is left for the old school SharePoint critics to do? SharePoint 2010 is absolutely a great sucessor to MOSS, but I am waiting to see people start to ask more questions, so we can get the right balance back in place… Ironically – It serves us all…

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