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October 27, 2009

SharePoint – not so simple…

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

In this new article from ZDNet – that goes through the history of SharePoint – Microsoft Corp Vice President Jeff Teper tells that Microsoft might have oversold SharePoint a bit, in terms of complexity to implement. This is a very important issue to realize and it is of great importance that Microsoft’s “number one SharePoint guy” is ready to communicate this type of message.

Companies that have implemented SharePoint – especially in larger environments – have felt the consequences of a platform that was not nessasarily oversold in terms of functionality, but showed to be a bigger challenge to implement and maintain that expected. A lot bigger in some cases…

Once again this call for a more controlled and structured governance practice around sharePoint. As Jeff Teper also mentions in this article, Microsoft have made growing investments in this area, but most of these investments have been around managing the platform from an IT perspective – blue governance as I call it – but the business side of things – green governance – is still missing in most SharePoint implementation, disabling business to drive maximum value from an otherwise well functioning technical platform.


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