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October 21, 2009

Governance with SharePoint Server 2010

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

Now that SharePoint 2010 is finally announced and we expect the Beta to be available for everyone on november 16th, its time to get ahead of the game on governance.

Even though SharePoint 2010 is going to include some new hooks to manage your platform and overcome some of the issues that we earlier only could do through governance, maintenance and planning, governance is just as much – I would argue that it is even more – needed with the comming version of SharePoint.

SharePoint 2010 is a major thing. It’s a masssive platform to release in your company and it will have an impact on your culture. With the new functionality around taxonomy, datasets, folders, tagging among other things, the need to think about what functionality will really benifit the organization is not only important, but essential for having succes with SharePoint.

But – you wont get SharePoint 2010 before sometime next year – at the earliest and most likely later – so do you really need to think about this now. Well, yes you do..

An upgrade is an excellent opportunity to get governance right. If you have SharePoint Server 2007 running, we now can tell the impact of upgrading on your existing implementation and the culture around it. This is something you should de better early than late. So start investigating this today and make plans and decisions that makes your upgrade project much more simple and effective. Diving into this now, will enable you to make changes to how things are done today – on your current platform – so that you will get the benefit from day one on 2010.

For that same reason, we have decided to build SharePoint 2010 governance planning into our Governance Master classes. Go to the website – – to get more details on these classes; how and where to take them – and also keep an eye out for a soon to be announced SharePoint 2010 business value briefing – a free event by Netmedia.

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