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September 3, 2009

SharePoint Governance Master Classes

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

We are announcing a list of SharePoint Governance Master Classes this fall.

These trainings is designed to be a full SharePoint governance “education” for professionals working with SharePoint.

We deliver SharePoint Governance Master Classes for companies as a part of an engagement, but also have open workshops planned. The next one will be in Copenhagen in october and will be the first class in a row of three.

  1. Introducing SharePoint Governance
    Get a clear overview of what governance is and what it will do for your business. You will get an overview of the SharePoint Governance Framework  and also get introduced to a set of tool and methods you can use in your own organization; like Cobit, Administration Toolkits, best practices etc.
  2. Building a SharePoint Governance Organization
    This a a very workshop oriented session where participants will work actively with designing an organization for governance, with roles and responsibilities defined and guidelines / recommendations on how to go back home and implement.
  3. Using the SharePoint Governance Framework
    The SharePoint Governance Framework is a governance framework that builds on the generic principles of frameworks like Cobit but aligned with the special needs of SharePoint. Participants will use the framework to build their governance plan and also use SharePoint to make the plan operational.

SharePoint Governance Master Classes are full day events (one day per class). Classes are max 12 participants to get the optimalt results. Classes are in English or Danish language.

You can take classes individually or take the full series of Master Casses to get deep insight nd competence on governing SharePoint in a business evironment.

The classes are “level 200” technically, and targets IT Managers, CIOs, Architects, Project Managers, System Owners, Communication Managers as well as other relevant IT Pro roles.

As mentioned we have open classes in Copenhagen, Denmark scheduled. For company classes we travel all over EMEA and US. You are welcome to contact me for details.

Partnering opportunity
We are looking for partners that are interested in facilitating SharePoint Governance Master Classes in the following countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Dubai, Qatar, UAE, UK, US, Canada, Iceland. If you are interested please contact me directly on +45 55 99 06 05 or via (danish website)

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