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September 3, 2009

SharePoint Calendars

by Anders B. Skjønaa (

One of the questions – or should I say comments – I hear a lot is something like “SharePoint calendars does’nt even integrate with my Outlook calendar…”

In the very popular article in NY times recently – talking about SharePoints unique popularity and position in the marketplace – I read thorugh the comments made by reader. and guess what… Here’s that same comment once again!

The fact is, that there is some integration between Outlook and SharePoint calendars. Integration between a personal and a public or team calendar is alway i tricky subject, as you cant really define commen rules for what calender gets to “overwrite” another etc.

So there are absolutely things – that some people expect – that SharePoint does not do out of the box. But essentially, SharePoint delivers a neat calendar integration out of the box for planning your time and tasks in an environment where you have to concider both types of calenders.

So from now on, I can answer this question by referring to this post 🙂 And to make it complete – here’s a video from Office Online that shows you how it all works.

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