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JBOYE08 – Applying governance to SharePoint

So the JBOYE08 conference is over and it seemed like it was another succes for the people from Jboye and CMS watch. The good thing about this conference is, that it cover so many different technologies under the umbrella of content management and the discussions become much more interesting.

This year I notes a growing request for platforms that was enabling the management of content more than “just” the creation of content. The absolute best example of where the majority of WCMS vendors are in this space, was the demo contest, where a group of vendors had 7 minutes to present their product and the best would win the trophy. BTW – danish Sitecore won – congrats! 🙂

But really – none of these vendors had the focus on managing content that corporations need today. Where the competition seems to be focused around enabling the users to create news articles easy and quick, there was a lack of things like workflow mechanisms, records management, taxonomy etc… I think that these thing will have to come into Web CMS as well, to really enable comapnies to glue their website much more to the way they do business, and not only have the communication department provide website content.

Well – this type of thing requires governance of information, information architecture and a lot more control of things. And this is what my session was all about. For those of you who attended, here’s the deck and let me know if you have question and comments.

In my session I announced the SharePoint Governance Center project, that I am doing. If you are interested in being a part of this or just want to be informed, come back to this site, and I will post information on how to stay in the loop – soon..

Get the “Applying governance to SharePoint” deck here:

Right now I am in Las Vegas – listening to SharePoint Search customization from Tom Rizzo. Always good demos in Tom’s sessions, and I will provide some news from this conference later this week..


No more chaos – slides from SharePoint UserGroup

I recently spoke at the JBoye SharePoint usergroup in front of a number of the larges danish companies. The topis was “No more chaos – get SharePoint under control” and the talk went thorugh a top ten of the most common mistakes people make when they are trying to implement SharePoint into their organization.

Since a lot of people have asked for these slides, here they are:

Some of this content will be covered in this weeks talk af the JBoye08 International Content Management conference in Denmark, but in this talk I will go into more details about the governance model that I am using with larger companies and gve a practical perspective on how to implement it.

I will ake these slides available after the talk, which is tomorrow morning.